Park Projects

Ramsey Park Projects & Improvements

The Friends of the Park have partnered with the City of Redwood Falls to complete several projects & improvements throughout the park.

Ramsey Park Recreation Area Playground

Some of the past improvements include:

  • Trail maintenance & construction of walking bridges over Ramsey Creek & Redwood River
  • Trail upgrades to concrete surfaces
  • Fun, Safe, & Inclusive Playground Equipment
  • Bathroom Renovation at Falls Shelter
  • New Bathroom at Perks Park/Westside Park
  • Zeb Gray Shelter Renovations
  • Lower Shelter patio & large grill area
  • Ramsey Park Zoo Renovations
  • Ramsey Park Falls Overlook Renovations
  • Ramsey Park Campground Improvements including new fire pits
  • Landscaping
  • Park Shelters, Benches & Picnic Tables

Possible Future Projects

Some future projects that are currently being looked at include the addition of a bathroom facility near the Zeb Gray Shelter area as well as getting water & sewer to all campsites within the park.

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