Ramsey Park has Playgrounds to Suit Everyone!

Our newest playground expansion was added in 2021 near the Zeb Gray Overlook Shelter. We are excited, as this is Ramsey Park’s first inclusive & accessible playground! This nature-inspired play space offers unlimited motor & cognitive opportunities for able-bodied & children with special needs as well as adults. The play surface is a poured rubber material which is smooth, clean, stable, and safe. Sidewalks entering the play area are ramped for easy access. The playground's features also include sensory rich, imaginative, social, cooperative, & intergenerational play options. There are some amazing new pieces of play equipment for children of all abilities & their families or caregivers.

Ramsey Park Playground In Redwood Falls Mn
Mom And Daughter On Playground

Accessible Playgrounds for All Abilities

Several specific pieces of equipment allow children using wheeled mobility devices to transfer or be transferred out of their devices to a seat. The equipment is designed for adults to join children to support them if needed.

The "We-Saw"

We Saw At Ramsey Park

The "We-Saw" allows two children or a group of children to use the piece, either sitting in the molded seats or on the center platform. Both seating options provide varying degrees of support depending on the desired amount of movement.

The Oodle Swing

Oodle Swing At Ramsey Park

Social interaction is encouraged while swinging on the "Oodle Swing". While providing support, this piece allows children to sit or lay together in different ways. It's larger size makes it easy for caregivers and children to swing together.

The "OmniSpin Spinner"

Omnispin Spinner At Ramsey Park

The "OmniSpin Spinner" is a great place for a group of children of all abilities to explore movement together. It's designed so that children can enjoy the rotation experience of a merry-go-round.

For Ages 2-5

Ramsey Park Accessible Playground

The large play structure is geared for children ages 2-5 and provides many opportunities to help develop coordination, balance, socialization and cooperation skills. Core engagement as well as upper & lower body strength is required.

But Wait - There's More!

We have additional playgrounds at the Lower Shelter area & near the Ramsey Falls Shelter. Each playground has slightly different features & we invite you to check out each one on your next visit to Ramsey Park!

Ready to plan your visit?

A day of adventure is waiting for you at Ramsey Park!

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