Ramsey Park Zoo

Visit the Ramsey Park Zoo Area

Near the campground, & across from the Lower Shelter area is a zoo that features animals such as buffalo, elk, deer, goats, & prairie dogs. You will also find numerous species of birds & waterfowl including ducks, pheasants, peacocks, & geese. The zoo is a popular park destination for visitors of all ages!

The zoo is always free to the public & we encourage you to either walk or drive through. There are coin-operated feeders if you’d like to feed the goats during your visit. The zoo is situated along the Redwood River & also has picnic tables where you can relax while watching the animals.

Ramsey Park Petting Zoo

Enjoy Animals at the Zoo All Year Round

While the zoo is open all year, you will see the most variety of animals in the summer, as a few of them return to other farms during the winter months. Most years Ramsey Park will also have some baby animals, so stop by often to watch them play & grow.

Don’t forget your camera, as the set up allows for some close up viewing of the animals as well as a great view up & down the river.

Ramsey Park Zoo Photo Gallery

Ready to plan your visit?

A day of adventure is waiting for you at Ramsey Park!

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