Ramsey Falls / Waterfalls

Ramsey Park Waterfalls

Waterfalls are a key highlight of Ramsey Park to many visitors. There are two gorgeous waterfalls locations you can access within the park: Ramsey Falls & Redwood Falls.

Ramsey Falls

Ramsey Falls is the more widely known one in the center of Ramsey Park. It is picturesque & something you don’t want to miss during your visit.

This is the site where Ramsey Creek flows over the falls. Shortly after the waterfalls near the zoo, Ramsey Creek connects with the Redwood River. Ultimately, the water ends up in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Ramsey Falls
Ramsey Falls Overlook

There are multiple trails, including one that goes across the Suspension Bridge, that lead towards the waterfalls if you’d like to hike towards it. The sounds of water falling near 30 feet will draw you in as you get close to the destination. However, there is also a parking lot very close to the overlook if you’d like to drive there instead.

The overlook is open all year & we encourage you to go multiple times as the changing seasons give you very different views of Ramsey Falls. Depending on the water level, the falls sometimes look like one wide, roaring waterfall while other times it appears as two separate ones.

Redwood Falls

The second waterfall location, Redwood Falls, is also a manmade dam across the Redwood River. This waterfall is accessed most easily by hiking from the Trailhead Overlook behind the ELCA which is right off of Hwy 71. You can also walk there on McPhail Trail coming from Zeb Gray Shelter. A long pedestrian bridge spans the entire length of the dam, so you can walk right over the waterfalls.

Both waterfalls located in Ramsey Park are unique & stunning. Make sure you check them out on your next visit!

Redwood Falls
Steel Bridge

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